Bespoke Coaching

All the sessions at CCB are designed to suit the industry, style, and priorities of our clients. Whether you are preparing for an Investor Conference, a Fundraise, or simply honing your Leadership Brand, we will work closely with you to understand your goals and the complexities of your team and your industry.

We deliver insightful, actionable feedback that is the key to effecting real change.

Customized Programs

We do one-on-one coaching and tailored group sessions.

We will customize a program that addresses your team's critical issues, whether they are seasoned professionals or up and coming talents.  

Examples are: Presentation Mastery, Pitch Consulting, Fundraising meetings, Consultative Selling and Negotiation Skills.

All programs include presentation, recording, feedback and role-play.

Executive Presence and One-On-One Coaching

  • Augmenting your image
  • Creating a leadership brand or message
  • Connecting more effectively with a wide range of individual styles

Presentation Skills

  • Charisma
  • RFP presentations
  • Facilitation techniques
  • Storytelling for business
  • Wielding a pitch book wisely
  • Strengthening your message
  • Fundraising (National and international)
  • Public speaking (Investor conferences, earnings calls, and pitches)

Negotiation Skills

  • Gaining control
  • Preparing effectively
  • Influencing the outcome
  • Understanding the role of gender in negotiations

Selling Skills

  • Making the deal happen
  • Crafting your persuasive message
  • Understanding the client’s values and areas of resistance

Interviewing Skills

As Candidate

  • Flexing to the interviewer’s style
  • Communicating your strengths powerfully and concisely

As Interviewer

  • Effective questioning
  • Controlling the process
  • Identifying the truth behind the answers

Emotional Intelligence

  • Assessing emotional intelligence
  • The components of emotional intelligence
  • Strategies to improve emotional intelligence

Social Styles

Out of the three elements of social intelligence, behavioral style is the easiest for others to assess. Others may not identify your emotional intelligence or your mindset, but they can tell if you’re animated, rushed, or subdued. The way you behave has a direct impact on your interactions with others and your success in the workplace.

As a Certified TRACOM Specialist, Coach Cathy will teach you the Social Styles, the world’s leading behavioral style model.

This model has been used by thousands of organizations to improve leadership performance and sales results.

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