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The Messenger Matters

Being a presenter is a spotlight moment.  It is an honor to be asked to represent a deal or a fund at an annual meeting, or to be featured on a panel discussion.  It is often a sign of favor and of trust, as well as an indication that management wants to show you off. It is…
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Reflections on Annual Meetings

I have just completed a busy season of coaching clients for their Annual Meetings. These are the meetings my clients hold to gather their investment partners (LPs and GPs) to thank them for their support and to tell them how their investments are being handled. Usually, my clients are given a few short minutes to…
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Coach Cathy

Executive Presence

I was recently running a group talk on Executive Presence.  It was being held over Zoom and as I was mid-sentence, my computer shut off and I was bumped from the session.   I hastily plugged in another laptop, hit the link and rejoined the meeting, reminding me that the first rule of Executive Presence is to be…
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Mark Twain

Two Fathoms Deep

Mark Twain’s house in Hartford, CT, constructed in the 1870’s, provides a glimpse into the family life of one of the U.S.’s most celebrated writers. On a recent visit to the museum, I was amazed at the abundance of articles, books and opinions Mark Twain had written in his lifetime.  Like many others, I know of…
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Overhead view of two business persons in the lobby

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Strengths vs. Weaknesses It’s common knowledge that certain questions pop up in every interview: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? It can be hard to tell a complete stranger the many ways you think of yourself as brilliant, but it’s even harder to share the ways…
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