To Be Clear

I’ve been using an encyclopedia analogy for a while now.   I tell my clients that they are walking into client meetings and “reading the encyclopedia” to their prospects to give them full knowledge of all that they are and all that they can do. The result is a torrent of words, facts and figures, that…

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I’m excited to present a unique challenge to help you differentiate yourself.

Here’s what you do:  Practice saying your most recent pitch or company update out loud. Repeat.  Listen for the words “excited,” “unique,” and “differentiated.”  One, if not all, will be there. These descriptors are being over-used and are fast becoming meaningless. If your client, prospect or investor attends a half-dozen meetings, it’s likely he/she/they will hear these words…

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Singing With My Sister

My sister and I are often asked to sing at family funerals.  Weddings, too, but we are old enough that the funerals have outnumbered the weddings in recent years. People often ask me if I get nervous when singing in public and I say – absolutely!  I believe it’s very natural to get nervous before any kind…

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The Messenger Matters

Number Five in White Paint on the Concrete Surface

Being a presenter is a spotlight moment.  It is an honor to be asked to represent a deal or a fund at an annual meeting, or to be featured on a panel discussion.  It is often a sign of favor and of trust, as well as an indication that management wants to show you off. It is…

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Reflections on Annual Meetings

Business speaker giving a talk in the conference hall

I have just completed a busy season of coaching clients for their Annual Meetings. These are the meetings my clients hold to gather their investment partners (LPs and GPs) to thank them for their support and to tell them how their investments are being handled. Usually, my clients are given a few short minutes to…

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Executive Presence

Coach Cathy

I was recently running a group talk on Executive Presence.  It was being held over Zoom and as I was mid-sentence, my computer shut off and I was bumped from the session.   I hastily plugged in another laptop, hit the link and rejoined the meeting, reminding me that the first rule of Executive Presence is to be…

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Two Fathoms Deep

Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s house in Hartford, CT, constructed in the 1870’s, provides a glimpse into the family life of one of the U.S.’s most celebrated writers. On a recent visit to the museum, I was amazed at the abundance of articles, books and opinions Mark Twain had written in his lifetime.  Like many others, I know of…

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