I’m excited to present a unique challenge to help you differentiate yourself.

Here’s what you do:  Practice saying your most recent pitch or company update out loud. Repeat.  Listen for the words “excited,” “unique,” and “differentiated.”  One, if not all, will be there.

These descriptors are being over-used and are fast becoming meaningless. If your client, prospect or investor attends a half-dozen meetings, it’s likely he/she/they will hear these words over and over. Everyone says them, so now their truth has become suspect.

Try to think of new ways of expressing your enthusiasm, surety, confidence and delight with an outcome or a prospect.

Describe how what you’ve done has not been done before or replicated since.

Talk about how your firm stands alone, isn’t satisfied to use traditional methods or has refined best practices.  Expand on the innovations and creative processes that your firm is utilizing. Offer case studies that illustrate your insights and perspectives.

Use your own words, which may feel inadequate for the grandeur you would like to convey.  Your descriptors – whether they’re fancy or not – will resonate more and clarify better. 

You’ll end up telling a story that no one else can duplicate.

 In that way, you and your message will be riveting, believable, and memorable.

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